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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Review

I’ve heard about this series, and Rick Riordan’s others for a long time now. Other than the movie adaptations, this was my first foray into the world of Percy Jackson. I never read the series as a kid but I was still able to enjoy this first entry in the series. My older and wiser 24-year old self was able to figure out many twists before they happened except for the one at the very end. I was satisfied with this book and I will definitely continue reading this series but I couldn’t justify giving it 4 stars, which I reserve for the books that I really enjoy .

I thought the characters were very well defined and fleshed out. Percy is a very relatable protagonist. Besides having a pen that turns into a sword, he’s like most kids who are just trying to get by. Annabeth and Grover are also given personalities and you can see the beginnings of a relationship between Percy and Annabeth. You can’t help but be happy when good things happen to them or worry about who might betray whom. Rick Riordan makes you share in their victories by making the main characters interesting and genuinely good.

I am a big lover of Greek mythology and it was fun to see mythological entities popping up throughout the story. Some of the monsters had clever names that as a pre-teen I might not have thought much of but as an adult I was able to see their true identities coming. I enjoyed the setting of Camp Half-Blood and I like to think that I’d be put in Cabin 7 with the rest of Apollo’s kids.

I hope that the rest of the series sees the characters and the plot become a bit more complex. If not, that’s fine too, considering the target demographic of these books is a lot younger. However, that doesn’t make these books unenjoyable.


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