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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters Review

First, let me say that I liked this more than I like the Lightning thief. Rick Riordan took everything I liked about the first book and took it to new heights here. I enjoyed the addition of Tyson and a bigger role for Clarissa, who is starting to grow on me.

I’m very excited by the ending of this novel as it means big things for the heroes of Camp Half-Blood. I’d like to see them develop their abilities and get more training. I think it’d be cool to see Percy as a kick-ass swordsman.

As with the first novel, I’d like to see these characters grow more. Sometimes I feel that Percy isn’t being as consistent with his competence. He can be great at some moments and then it seems like he hasn’t made any progress.

My other complaint is that whenever a new Greek mythological being in introduced, it feels like the characters are explaining to the reader what/who they are. I feel that there must be a better way of giving the reader the knowledge they need. It would be more natural to have the characters give some sort of explanation in their conversation as opposed to having Percy give so much exposition in his narration.

I’m definitely glad I stuck with this series. I hope Tyson sticks around as he’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.

4 Stars


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