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Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Titan’s Curse Review

The Titan’s Curse continued to build on everything I enjoyed about the previous Percy Jackson books while not quite solving any of the problems I had with them. I don’t blame Rick Riordan considering these books are aimed at younger readers and I’m just being picky but this is what’s stopping me from giving the book 5 stars. Though to be fair, I feel like there was less exposition this time around but still, after just finishing the previous novel, I don’t feel the need to have Percy recap it for me. Again, I might be being picky, but it made me feel kind of dumb.

Somehow I’ve forgotten to mention that one of the things I enjoy about the series is the pacing as well as how well Rick Riordan raises the stakes with each novel in the series. There is a real sense that the reader is moving towards something big and it does cause me to consider the possible outcomes of Percy’s journey. I also enjoy the titles of the chapters though sometimes they can be a bit spoilery.

This was a fun read and a quick one. I’m curious to see what The Battle of the Labyrinth brings with it. Also, I’m very curious about Rachel Elizabeth Dare (and Percy’s mom) and hope more information will be brought to light in book #4. I can’t help but feel like she’ll be a big part of the series.


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