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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Battle of The Labyrinth Review

Rick Riordan does not disappoint the fourth time around. The Battle of the Labyrinth kept up the quick pacing, the intriguing characters, and the fun of the previous novels. I still get annoyed when I see Percy explain something that a reader should know from reading the rest of the series but that’s me being picky.

This time around we got to explore the Labyrinth which was in a different space. I appreciate the change of scenery from the previous books. I liked this change from the usual trek around the United States that Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and co. usually embark on.

The battle itself was interesting though I found it didn’t quite have the gravitas of what was a very important battle. It was important but for whatever reason it just didn’t feel important to me. I hope there is a bigger sense of urgency and important to the final book in the series.

I was curious about Rachel Elizabeth Red and after seeing more of her in this novel I’m even more curious. I know that there doesn’t necessarily need to be a reason for it, and I doubt I will ever really know how some humans can see through the Mist but such is life.


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