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*SPOILERS* Yellow Brick War Review

Like the rest of the series, the pacing of this novel kept my attention at all times, which is hard to do. I enjoy the fact this there always seems to be something happening in the foreground of the novels while other things happen in the background. I never found myself to be bored while reading this.

The characters were more fleshed out, the plot continued, and we got a conclusion… Or so I thought. I was hoping this would be the end to the Dorothy Must Die series but I’m slightly disappointed that it isn’t. I feel that it was a natural stopping point. It doesn’t make sense to me to have a “Dorothy Must Die” series if Dorothy is not the Big Bad.

At this point I’m ready to be done with the series. I had no real issues with the novel except having Amy in Kansas kind of took me out of the story since I’m so used to the fantastical setting that is Oz. My other gripe was that it didn’t end the series.

4 Stars


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