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The Bear Review

Reading this book, it was hard not to compare and contrast with Room at first, which is also narrated by a five year old. However, once you delve into the plot a little bit, the similarities end.

This was a great, enticing book about the struggle of two kids surviving in Algonquin Park after their parents are attacked by a bear on a camping trip. Throughout the novel I found myself worrying about the youngsters and I even stopped at one point to imagine what my life would be like with children and how I would keep them safe. Any book which makes me think is good by me. The last 60 pages were intriguing and I liked that the novel was split into parts. It helped to see the evolution of the relationship between Anna and Alex/Stick.

My only issue with the book is that I felt that the narration was sometimes inconsistent. For example, the mention of “penis” at one point versus “dingle” at other points. I also felt that Anna’s inner voice seemed a bit mature sometimes for a five year old. But still, kudos to Claire Cameron for nailing it for most of novel.

4 Stars


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