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The Night Circus Review

I was first made aware of The Night Circus a few years ago, but never got around to reading it. I carried it on my Kobo for some time now but it was not until I purchased the physical copy that I finally took the time to read it and allowed myself to be transported to a wonderful place of illusionists, contortionists, and twins with kittens.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure where the novel was headed. Without having done any research, I thought the novel was set in present day, but was surprised to see it begin in the 1800s. When the concept of the challenge arose, I pictured some sort of magical duel of magicians. However, the end result was much more satisfying. Still, for a book about magicians, the story could’ve used more magic. Though I guess the relationship between the magicians was quite magical.

The plot moved well, travelling forward and backward as needed to inform the reader when needed. There were two main storylines that seemed to have only one thing in common but were in fact quite tied together. Seeing them intertwine got me more excited as the story progresses as I was quite intrigued by all the mystique at this point.

The characters are all quite developed and each was interesting. Save for A.H.- and Prospero (Hector), the main characters were all likeable. I enjoyed reading about Celia and Marco’s different uses of magic. I was intrigued by Poppet and Widget and what they were seeing about Bailey. The other characters involved with the circus were also quite interesting and I would have liked to know more about them.

The Night Circus is a book I’d recommend to anybody who likes to read about magic and be captivated by stories of mystery and intrigue as you’re never quite sure what the two…teachers…are really up to or what exactly the challenge is or what its purpose is.

4 stars


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