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The Road So Far…

Hey, I’m Marco. I’d like to start by thanking all of those who follow me on bookstagram. Pardon me for borrowing from Supernatural but it felt like a suitable title for a post about how I got to here.

Prior to starting my bookstagram account of the same name (though at the time I went by @bookshelvies) I used to follow several bookstagram accounts on my personal instagram. It was a great way for me to discover new books but I wasn’t really able to share my book recommendations with anybody and seldom got to talk about books. This is when I thought to start a separate account for books.

I came up with the account name knowing it would be temporary and started posting about books. I created a goodreads account, started a reading challenge for 2016, and got an official sorting from Pottermore (proud Hufflepuff). I followed plenty of bookstagram accounts that day and gained a few followers. Before I knew it I was being tagged for different posts and I started seeing some names pop up more than others, for example, @deadlywendyhadley and @ilovefriesandbooks. For a while it seemed like we were playing hashtag-tag. This was great though because it gave me reasons to post different books.

In March, I began doing the #KeepBookMarching Bookstagram Challenge hosted by @readsleepfangirl @booksthetics and @myriadinklings which was just as great because it also gave me structure and a reason for daily posting. Eventually I hit 250 followers after joining @howlingpages’ #demigodphotocontest2016 which I never expected. After all, I just wanted to find out about new books and share my bookish opinions with others.

I participated in the #savetheculture international book exchange which I just mailed out today and hopefully the recipient enjoys the book I mailed them. I’ve made some more bookstagram friends, though I hope to actually converse with them more and develop legitimate friendships.

Lately I’ve been toying with starting a blog to interact with people in another format and when my review of The Night Circus on Goodreads got a few likes it made me really get to it. So I got myself this blog space and copied my Goodreads reviews here. From now on though I will be posting reviews solely on this page.

I plan to use this page for weekly blog posts, maybe some videos of book hauls, and the occasional review video. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure into blogging and that it brings more folks to my bookstagram page. I’m thinking of doing a giveaway when I get to 1000 followers even though that’ll probably take months. Thanks for stopping by!


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