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Cinder Review

Cinder is another book I started without really knowing much about it. Of course I had seen it all over bookstagram but I had never really looked much into it. Common sense told me it was a Cinderella retelling and I am a sucker for a good ol’ fashioned retelling. I think I had read somewhere that it was Sci-Fi which made sense to me based on the cover art but besides that I knew nothing. Call me Jon Snow.

Within 50 pages this novel had its hooks in me. At that point I wasn’t really concerned about what would happen with Cinder and Kai, I just really wanted to know about this disease, Letumosis, and what its cause and effects were. At that point I had a small idea that maybe, based on the blurb from the back of the book, the thing that Cinder has and others want is a cure. I feel that it’s a common trope in Sci-Fi novels and I won’t tell you whether or not I was right. I also had the feeling that she was Selena which would make her Queen Levana’s niece and also a Lunar. Again, I’m staying silent on how accurate I was or wasn’t in that regard.

Cinder made great character progression through the novel. Without giving anything away, I absolutely loved when she stuck up for herself in Chapter 15. She seemed to be coming into her own as a badass. By the end of the novel you really see that she is a changed person, which is always great.

The introduction to Dr. Erland also piqued my interest. The first chapters he was in gave me the creeps. He seemed like some sort of predator. Also, he was quite a douche. However, as the story progressed, I began to like him more and more. In fact, there was almost a balance between my liking him and my not liking Torin. As one changed, so did the other.

My favourite character however, was Iko. I thought she was hilarious and charming and a great friend to Cinder. She was all the things a sidekick should be. Kai also ranks high on the list. I see a bit of myself in him with his sarcastic, positive demeanor.

It was cool to see a throwaway line or two about Princess Winter  who I assume I won’t see until I get to the fourth book and a girl with lots of blonde hair who I assume is Cress but it’s reassuring to see them mentioned. It makes me believe Marissa Meyer really had a plan when she started writing the series.

The ending of the novel really felt like the stakes had been elevated and crazy things will be coming. I loved it.

5 Stars


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