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What is the Deal?! Are Side Stories/Novellas Really Necessary?

For the most part, I really liked the Dorothy Must Die series. I had no issue with the Dorothy Must Die stories that accompanied the novels and I thought it was neat to get more insight into the characters. To my recollection, I couldn’t remember seeing side stories for any other series that I had read.

Currently I’m reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer while I make my way through the Lunar Chronicles. This series is 4 novels and 2 novellas or side stories (whatever you want to call them). I haven’t gotten far enough that I can tell you whether or not they add much to the series but I again thought it was interesting that a series had the book equivalent of bonus features.

I’ve recently purchased the Throne of Glass series which also contains The Assassin’s Blade. I’ve got the first two books in the Half Wild trilogy and just saw that there is a Half Lies side story. I’ve seen the The Wrath & the Dawn series all over Bookstagram and am aware of that series also having side stories.

My question is whether these are necessary. Until I’ve read more of them I’m reserving judgement but currently I’m leaning towards thinking that they’re an over-saturation. I want to believe that they have their place but currently I get the feeling that maybe authors saw the success of some of these and decided to continue the trend.

What do you think? Do you feel like it’s a cash grab? Do you think it’s a wonderful way to add to world-building? Do you think series would do better with the author adding the important details to the main novels? Comment below, I’m interested in seeing your opinions.


One thought on “What is the Deal?! Are Side Stories/Novellas Really Necessary?

  1. Sometimes I feel like it’s a blatant cash grab but sometimes it is clear the author isn’t quite finished with that world. In this instance, it’s definitely okay, as they tend to be well written and do add to the experience.

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