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The 8th Annual After Hours @ The Library: Dewey Divas Book Talk

I went to an event at my local library to learn about new and upcoming books. I went last year as well and besides Thrillers, I found last year’s books to be more interesting but I figured I’d still share some of the ones I thought were interesting. All information written here comes from the representatives who spoke (I believe they were both from Penguin Random House)

The Prison Book Club by Ann Walmsey – September 2016

Autobiographical. The author was talked into leading a prison book club. This book follows 6 members of the book club as they transfer to other prisons and start new book clubs or even get released and continue to attend book clubs. You might think a biker, a gunman, two drug dealers, and a robber duo might all react the same way to the books they read but I’m told they don’t. Sounds like an interesting read if you like non-fiction or books about men in prison reading books.

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman – June 2016

Fiction/Fantasy. This is to be the first of at least three books. It follows an undercover Librarian, a spy for a mysterious organization known as the Library, who travels through time and to different realities to recover important books with her assistant Kai. Their latest mission takes them to an alternative version of London to retrieve a particularly dangerous book. However, when they get there, it’s already been stolen. The speaker referred to this as a “book nerd’s book” and described it as “Shadow of the Wind” but lighter

The House of Wives by Simon Choa-Johnston – May 2016

Fiction. From my understanding, this novel is based on the ancestry of the author. It is about a man who wants to become an opium merchant in colonial Hong Kong. His father will not give him the funds to support this so he marries a one-legged woman for the large dowry. He then goes to Hong Kong where he becomes quite successful and builds a grand new home for him and his new wife and everything goes pretty well…until the first wife shows up on his doorstep. The story focuses on two very strong women competing for the affections of their husband.

The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango – May 2016

Thriller. Henry Hayden is a bestselling author, a loving husband, and a generous friend. When his wife suddenly passes away, he has no idea what to do because secretly, she was actually the author behind all of his novels. His editor is pregnant with his child, and many of his other truths turn out to be lies. Henry goes about trying to tie up all his loose ends in the wrong ways. Lie after lie, his life begins to crumble around him. Henry Hayden is simply a constructed identity.

Under the Harrow by Flynn Barry – June 2016

Thriller. Nora is taking a train from London to visit her sister, Rachel. She’s expected to be waiting at the train station but upon arrival, does not find her there. When she walks into Rachel’s house, she finds a murder scene with her beloved Rachel as the victim. As Nora tries to solve her sister’s murder, she becomes unrecognizable  and learns new truths about her sister. She becomes obsessed and falls into danger.

The Widow by Fiona Barton

Thriller. Jean has always kept quiet about the crimes her husband was suspected of committing while she pretended to be the perfect wife. Now with her husband dead, only Jean knows whether he was a loving husband or a heartless killer. People want to hear her thoughts on the man and it’s up to her what to tell them. She can tell them their marriage contained secrets. Every marriage does.

Not Working by Lisa Owens – May 2016

Fiction. Claire is a twenty-something who recently quit her job and has no idea what she wants to do. She begins looking for “the one”, her dream job. However, her search yields few results as she spends more time going with coffee for old friends than actually looking for a job.

We’re All In This Together by Amy Jones – June 2016

Fiction. The Parkers of Thunder Bay are like any other family, except one day they all seem to have crazy things happen to them. For example, Kate, the mom of the family, survives plummeting over a waterfall in a barrel and is now in a coma. In all the events that happen, the Parkers endure together. But when a video of the waterfall debacle goes viral, their lives are thrust into chaos.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald – August 2015

Fiction. Sara, 28, from Sweden, and Amy, 65, from Broken Wheel, Iowa, have corresponded for years, exchanging books and letters. Sara eventually accepts Amy’s invitation for a visit and makes it to Broken Wheel…just as Amy’s funeral has ended. Instead of heading back to Sweden, Sara opens up shop and begins providing the readers of Broken Wheel with books from Amy’s collection. Her character is similar to the Book Apothecary from The Little Paris Bookshop

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena – August 2016

Thriller. The central couple in this novel, Anne and Marco Conti, look like they have it all. They seem to have a great relationship, a wonderful home, and a beautiful baby, Cora. One night, their neighbour invites them over for a dinner party. The neighbour, however, detests children, and so asks that Anne and Marco leave Cora at home. Instead of getting a babysitter, they leave Cora with a baby monitor, insisting that they’ll regularly go check on her. As the party progresses and drinks are drunken, the couple may forget to check on Cora. When they return to their home, Cora is missing and the suspicion falls on Anne and Marco. Everything may not be as it seems.

I’m most excited for The Couple Next Door but as it’s not out yet, I picked up The Truth and Other Lies as well as The Widow to hopefully read on my vacation next week.

Have you read any of the books that have already been released? Which ones are you looking forward to?



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