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*Spoilers* Scarlet Review

What a ride! Scarlet was a worthy successor to Cinder in the sense that it really raised the stakes. What it did lack however, was an interesting main character.

I didn’t find Scarlet to be as interesting a character as Cinder. She spent most of the story searching for her grandmother and travelling with Wolf but none if it really showed she could hold her own. I’m a bit nervous to see how she’ll contribute to taking down Levana. Cinder has many useful skills and I’m hoping we’ll see more usefulness from Scarlet in Cress because at this point, I think she’s more like dead weight and Wolf is really her only contribution.

Cinder’s story seemed a bit pointless at first and I wasn’t sure why her story was being included as opposed to just referenced but after a few of her chapters Marissa Meyer proved me wrong and it became a bit of the saving grace of the novel because Scarlet’s chapters started to get a bit boring near the beginning and middle.

The last third of the book really upped the ante however, with the attack on Earth and Cinder and Scarlet’s getaway. Kai made a move that I hope he won’t regret and the characters seem to be headed in an interesting direction.

The writing was consistent and the story had decent pacing except the few slower Scarlet chapters. The story left on a pretty good cliffhanger, I can’t wait to see what happens next when I start reading Cress after my vacation.

4 Stars!


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