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Off-Topic Tuesday: 10 Things I Learned at my First 5K

My girlfriend and I ran our first ever 5K. When I say we ran a 5K, what I mean is we ran for just under half of it and walked the rest of the time. For our first 5K, we decided to do the Color Run in London, Ontario. Here are a few things I learned. Numbers 9 and 10 are colour-run specific.

  1. Be early for check-in. We got to the site over an hour early. This gave us tons of time to put on our shirts, bibs, and headbands; buy a fannypack to keep our phones in (so we could get lots of pictures and send an annoying amount of snapchats), and use the bathroom before getting started.
  2. Bring water. I don’t know how we missed this in our prep. We brought sports drinks for after the run but we completely forgot to bring a bottle with us during the run.
  3. Make a fun shirt. Sure, we got a free shirt out of it but it was cool to see all the people who went together wearing shirts that they decorated themselves (Shoutout to The Young and The Breathless). If you’re running with others, why not make a fun shirt so people know you’re together.
  4. Wear the right kind of footwear. We saw people wearing flip flops, which is fine if you just plan to walk. However, part of the run was on a horse track, which personally, I wouldn’t want to walk or run on with anything other than running shoes. Plan ahead and make sure you bring the right shoes for whatever you plan to do.
  5. Be on the lookout for free swag. I caught a hat and a pair of sunglasses from the DJ which helped us get even more colourful for our run. It was great to catch some swag. We wouldn’t have caught the sunglasses if the person in front of us were paying attention, so…yeah, watch for free swag.
  6. Pace yourself. There’s the old saying, “This is a marathon, not a sprint.” While this might not be a full marathon, 5 Kilometres is nothing to scoff at. There’s no need to outrun everybody else. Go at a pace that’s comfortable to you. Change it up if you need to. We alternated between running and walking. Nobody is judging.
  7. Why so serious? Most people are there to have fun. Some people ran, some walked, two guys galloped past us. There’s absolutely no need to take it seriously. We heard tons of ridiculous conversations throughout the morning. Why not make some new friends? Friends can be great motivators!
  8. I like medals. Speaking of motivators, receiving a medal at the end of the run was definitely a treat. It felt great to get something cool out of this, like the medal. I’m now looking into two more runs for later in the year.
  9. Go slowly through the colour zones. This is colour marathon specific, think Color Run or Color Me Rad, but go slowly through the stations where you get pelted with colour. It makes the colour stick better and at the end of the run, it helps you look like a Jackson Pollock painting.
  10. Bring towels or a change of clothes. Or both. We brought towels for the car so that when we drove home, we wouldn’t get colour everywhere. This is a smart idea if you’re particularly worried about the colour coming out of your car seats. A lot of the colour gets on your skin, not just your clothes, so changing them isn’t necessarily going to prevent this.



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