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Off-Topic Tuesday: Popular Culture and its Effect on Baby Names

In an age of so many great TV shows, it’s hard not to get caught up in them, especially with the advent of binge-watching. It’s impossible to ignore some of the most popular TV shows even if you don’t watch them. However, while a lot of people are happy just to quote their favourite shows or just talk about them, many use them, and other forms of popular culture, as a source of inspiration when naming a baby.

By now, you may have heard of people naming their babies Khaleesi or Jackson, which seem to be pretty common. In fact, at professional development today, I sat next to two women who learned that they each had a son named Jackson. One was named after Jax from Sons of Anarchy while the other was named after Jackson Avery from Greys Anatomy. One of these women also claimed her husband into naming their daughter Harley Quinn, which I think has probably been popular for a while now due to the large following that the comic book character has had in recent years (and yes I know she started on Batman: The Animated Series, not in the comics.)

One of the most popular boys’ names in 2015 was Noah, likely still popular because of The Notebook. Another one is Oliver which might have something to do with Arrow. One last boy name that popped out at me was Finn, which made me think of The 100 or Glee.

Emma was one of the most popular girl’s name. This could maybe be popular due to Friends or Once Upon a Time. Another popular girl’s name is Arya, possibly because of Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Liars. The name Lucy has jumped over 10 spots in the last year, potentially because of Lucy Hale, who plays Aria on Pretty Little Liars.

I find it fascinating to see trends in baby names because it tells you a little bit about the parents. It’s not hard to figure out that if somebody’s baby is named Hermione, they probably like Harry Potter. Do you have any kids named after any pop culture icons? Leave a comment and let me know 🙂


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