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*Spoilers* Cress Review

Wow. What Scarlet lacked in an interesting main character, Cress made up for in an even higher-stakes story that kept my interest all along.

I said in my Scarlet review, that I didn’t find Scarlet to be as interesting a character as Cinder. Cress was only marginally more interesting, though I did appreciate her innocence and hacking. The real standout character for me in the novel was Captain Thorne. He reminded me a lot of Han Solo.

I enjoyed having all of the characters spread out at the beginning of the novel after being ambushed. I enjoyed having Scarlet on Luna as it gave Wolf some more motivation to stick around than just being lovey-dovey with her. Cress and Thorne in the desert was also interesting and comical. It was a treat to watch them play at being the Smiths. Cinder met with Dr. Erland again and led to some pretty interesting revelations. It was also surprising to see Jacin’s journey. I’m also super glad that we haven’t seen the last of Iko, who provided plenty of comic relief throughout the novel.

With the wedding only days away, things are getting pretty dire and the stakes are getting to their highest. I’m glad that Cress’ departure left Levana unable to send ships to earth without notice. Also, people are starting to learn the truth about Selena! Now that the “rebels” have Kai, it’ll be interesting to see the developments in the final novel. Also, Winter is quite the loon.

The writing was consistent again and the story had better pacing than the last. The last few chapters really left me wanting more. I’ll have to go and pick it up sometime soon.

5 Stars!


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