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The Couple Next Door Review

Oh. My. Goodness.

Talk about a book I couldn’t put down. I read this book in 3 sittings, stopping only to go to work. Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door was a book full of twists that kept me hooked. I thought I had figured out the story, then I thought I was half-right, and then I realized there was much more to it than I had pieced together. And the ending, whoa.

Marco and Anne Conti have a six-month old baby. They leave the baby home alone while attending a dinner party next door, having agreed to take the baby monitor with them and check on the baby, Cora, every half hour. When they return home at the end of the night, Cora has been kidnapped. The mystery of who kidnapped the baby and where she could be is then set in motion.

This book keeps you guessing. Again, it’s very hard to put down. I have a feeling this could be the next The Girl On The Train, in the sense that it becomes a worldwide phenomenon and has a blockbuster movie adaptation made out of it. I thought it was a great debut novel for the author. I know some people have issues with the ending but I thought it made sense.

I had a minor issue with the writing where it felt that Lapena was telling a lot instead of showing. Also, the first perspective change kind of threw me off because I wasn’t expecting it but then I got used to it. If these things don’t bother you, you might have no issues with this book.

4.5 Stars


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