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Melody’s Key Review

   Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell in exchange for an honest review. 

I’ve never sought out a novel in the romance genre. My knowledge of what happens in these books is limited to the Chick Flicks and Nicholas Sparks movies I’ve seen. When Dallas Coryell offered to send me his novel in exchange for a review, I was excited at expanding my literary horizons. The premise seemed intriguing enough and I hoped the novel could hold my interest.

It did.

Melody’s Key is about Tegan Lockwood and her family who own and operate a sort of summer getaway for guests in a small English town. The Lockwood family is struggling financially to keep the business afloat and Tegan has known this for some time now. The Lockwoods’ luck seems to change when they host a special somebody for the summer.

Tegan is a complex and interesting character who always seems guarded. She is quite well fleshed out throughout the course of the novel and always able to make relevant nerdy pop-culture references. Some of the other characters that we spend a lot of time with are just as interesting. Mason, Simon, and Ryleigh in particular felt like characters who you grew to know and care about. This is done so well, that when Tegan receives a figurative gut-punch near the end of the novel, I felt it too. Not an easy feat. The relationships that Tegan has with all of the characters felt real, and this is probably why.

Tegan also has a special relationship with music. The cover photo shows the keys of a piano and it’s an important piece of the characters’ lives. It was a nice bonus that all of the songs mentioned in the novel were on Dallas Coryell’s YouTube page for a listen. It added another layer to the novel. The author seemed quite knowledgeable about music but some of the technical speak in the novel kind of lost me. Luckily, it was only once or twice.

The overall writing of the novel was well-done. The novel flowed well. The chapter titles were creative. The banter between the characters felt very natural. However, sometimes there were sentences that seemed very mechanical or stiff. Something about them didn’t seem quite right.

Either way, I enjoyed my first foray into the romance genre and thought this novel was pretty good. Check it out!

4/5 Stars



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