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The Stupidest Angel Review

Murder. Zombies. Sword fights. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Christopher Moore’s Tale of Christmas Terror is the third book in his Pine Cove series. However, I hadn’t read the previous two books and I wasn’t left confused by anything, so I assume you can also just read this one and be fine.

In The Stupidest Angel, residents of Pine Cove are preparing for Christmas. The story follows a few characters, such as Molly, Tucker Case, Theo, and an angel named Raziel. Each character is interesting and fun to read about. The minor characters are just as interesting and almost everybody in the book has funny things to say.

Moore’s humour is seen right from the dedication page in which he declares the book is dedicated to a friend who suggested he should write a Christmas book , to which he replied, “‘Kay”. He has a warning a few pages later about not buying this book for your grandma or kid because it contains cusswords and tasteful depictions of cannibalism and people in their forties having sex. If you’ve read his other novels, expect the same humour. If you haven’t, get ready to laugh your ass off, or at least have a grin on your face while reading. This has got to be tied for my favourite Moore novel, right up there with A Dirty Job. I couldn’t find a single thing about it to dislike.

This quick read is perfect for the holiday season. You can easily finish it in one night by the fireplace with a nice mug of tea.

5/5 Stars


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